Honoli'i Surfing Classic / Hakalau Hang-10

Here at Basic Image we want to prepare young surfers to respect the ocean and share the spirit of Aloha, as well as provide exposure to surfing contest format.

The Hakalau Hang-10 is open to competitors under the age of 12, surfing in two divisions, girls and boys.  This is a beginners contest for beginners.  The Honolii Surfing Classic is open to competitors under the age of 17 surfing in four divisions, short, long, body and 'ohana.


Teach at the Beach

Our Living Classroom

Teach at the Beach: Living Classroom offers hands-on learning that combine cultural values, service to the community, education and experience.  It is a unique way to teach participants lessons in environmental education, teach and share about the beauty and fragility, the joys and wonders of the outdoors and potential gateway to careers in natural resources


Aloha Honua Festival

The Aloha Honua (love earth) festivals are held at annually at two of our adopted spots.  This observance celebrates the past year's accomplishments, recognizes volunteers and the community who are working together to restore our adopted spots.

It is also a day to educate festival attendees about the importance of preserving and promoting recreational and cultural resources.  

Malama Honoli'i

Community Clean-Up After Iselle